Does it feel like you’re just going through the motions in your practice…  you know something is missing… you’re not fulfilled… you’re not really happy. Sure, you’re happy ENOUGH… nothing is really WRONG.  

I was working with a client and that was pretty much what she was feeling. To top it off, she felt guilty about having those feelings since, she’s a successful lawyer, she has a great husband and loving children, she has a supportive partner, and she has smart engaged friends. AND… Yet still there is a feeling of discontent. How can she identify the source of these feelings? This is what I shared with her…

A few years ago I had this unsettling feeling… had I reached BURNOUT? I couldn’t just change jobs… MY name is on the door! I had achieved what I had been working for… a thriving business, nice offices and great clients. But yet there was a feeling of discontent… How could I identify the source of these feelings? So I created a little game for myself. For the next week I would take note of every time I felt happy, joy, excitement or any other positive feeling. Next, I would examine what I was doing at the time.  I felt positive feelings in lots of things… when I was driving to see a client… when I made a presentation… while having lunch with colleagues… while I was researching a new design program… and the list goes on. But, most importantly I found I had positive feelings in things that weren’t always perfect!

NO, I had not reached BURNOUT! And for 30 minutes I allowed myself to think of all those negative things that were driving me crazy… and then it was crystal clear. I wasn’t tired of doing MY job… I was tired of doing someone else’s job… AND paying THEM for the privilege! I went into the office the next day and did something about it!

It was one of the best processes I have done for myself as a professional because:

I viewed the situation from a positive vantage point.

I discovered that things didn’t have to be perfect.

I immediately went into action to change it.

We often continue along a path simply because we think we should, and are reluctant to make adjustments. Remember… EVERY plan can be adjusted. 

We think we have to be perfect! I finally let that go. Remember… YOU can too! 

We think there is no way out. Remember… There is always a way out.

That voice of discontent wants to be heard… LISTEN. You could learn a thing or two as I did!