Are you in pursuit of success? What does success mean to you and how do you get there? The answer is different for everyone. We can be inspired, encouraged and learn valuable lessons from one another. This month Diversity Journal named their 2012 "Women Worth Watching."  My client and friend, Nikki Simon, who is a Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig was included in this most prestigious list. Each recipient is featured with an article; I think you will agree that Nikki has sound tidbits of advice…

First, understand and accept that there are no shortcuts. Sacrifices, mistakes, hard work and success are inseparable bedfellows." I love how she puts this! Let’s face it: success isn’t easy… roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work.

"Second, believe you are fabulous, capable and successful. This heading says it all. This is you today, not tomorrow. No permission slip is required. No apologies are necessary. Be mindful too that a self-promotion mindset is enhanced when you use your manners." Nikki reminds us to have faith in ourselves… we got this far didn’t we!

"Third, take calculated risks. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone…" Ask yourself… what If? What if you take that road? AND… What if you don’t… ? Trust your gut! We all have life experiences that give us the wisdom to choose a path worth traveling. 

"Fourth, identify and live in harmony with your core values. They help establish why we do what we do in the business world, while defining our business roles. When working in harmony with our core values, I believe success is inevitable because our passions and purposes are aligned." This is sound advice. We have all experienced that voice in our heads that said… "Don’t go there." Heed that voice.

As you work on your 2012 plan consider Nikki’s advice, it will give you the courage to do what you know you must and the faith in yourself that you CAN. And YOU will be someone… Worth Watching.

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