There are several reasons that lawyers do not seek feedback from their clients, but the two most common are: I know my client is happy with our services, and not wanting to open up Pandora’s box. There is no way to be delicate about this, those reasons are the opposite of smart legal marketing.
Thom Singer has a post about conducting a client reality check. He relates a good story about the opposing views of a particular relationship from both the client’s and vendor’s perspective. It is critical that lawyers get feedback from their clients as to both how they are doing, and what they could do to improve, before it is too late. As Thom puts it, before “your clients fire you!”
In my experience clients don’t actually fire their lawyers, they just walk away. As one in-house lawyer told me yesterday, as part of a telephone survey I was conducting for a lawyer-client of mine, “I don’t fire lawyers, I just don’t give them the next matter.” The difference may be considered semantics, but the distinction is important if a long time passes before you learn about it, and the relationship is beyond repair.
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