I am giving a speech this week to the Broward County Bar Association and the Association of Legal Administrators. The topic? A Book of Business is… Power.

The speech will focus on business development skills and tactics that create a solid foundation for a lawyer’s practice. In today’s economy EVERY lawyer is faced with the responsibility to bring in new clients and grow the case loads of the ones they have… these are no longer "optional" skills.

The sad reality is that 80% of the attendees will leave the room and do nothing. They’ll think about it… maybe… but they will never get into action… action that makes a difference in their practice. However… 20% of them will get into action and they will make a commitment to building a book of business.

So… I ask YOU… You read my blog that is full of business development strategies…  what side of that percentage are YOU on? The 80 or the 20? Do you read… and never get into action? Today is the day to get into action. Be the 20% that is committed to building a book of business… as you have heard… it is POWER!

What are your goals?To grow your firm? To start your own firm? Be a judge? Have the flexibility to start a family? Whatever your goals are, a book of business is power. It gives you options and you can write your own ticket.

Today, I challenge you. You are the best lawyer you can be… why not be the best business developer you can be!