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Who Gives a Darn If Clients Are Satisfied?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Apparently not too many firms according to an online “Leadership Matters” survey (a collaboration of TheRemsenGroup and Sterling Strategies) reported on the Managing Partner Forum this week. The survey sought data on individual lawyer contributions to their firms in the areas of financials, client satisfaction, people development, and firm processes/procedures. What particularly caught my attention… Continue Reading

ACC Value Index: what’s all the fuss about?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

As reported in today’s The AmLaw Daily some "Law Firms Cautious About ACC Ranking System." You may recall that the Association of Corporate Counsel announced their Value Index at last month’s annual meeting in Boston; and that it involves ranking outside law firms "based on evaluations from in-house lawyers." Apparently a number of firms aren’t… Continue Reading

Client Feedback Is More Important Than Ever, But Be Careful

Posted in Marketing Tips

Not only is client feedback important, but in past posts I have sung the praises for in-house client feedback programs that demonstrate to clients the firm’s management is sincere in determining whether the client is satisfied with the law firm’s services. An article in last month’s Strategies, the journal of the Legal Marketing Association by… Continue Reading

Ask Your Clients What They Need

Posted in Marketing Tips

It has been a couple of years since I looked at 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons for Marketing & Communications Professionals. This handbook of snippets produced by Richard Levick and Larry Smith of Levick Strategic Communications, is a goldmine of useful, pithy sayings useful to the legal marketing community.   I picked it up today… Continue Reading

Do Your Clients Value Your Services?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Doing a good job for your clients, keeping them informed, not overlawyering or overbilling, treating them with respect, and visiting your clients off the clock are just a few of the ways you can bring value to your client relationships. Jim Durham, formerly CMO at Ropes & Gray in Boston, spoke to the Delaware Valley… Continue Reading

Make an Impression That Clients Remember

Posted in Marketing Tips

If you really want to make a difference so that clients remember you and send you referrals, then a story Trey Ryder tells about a doctor may help. As the story goes, Trey was talking with a small business owner who told him that 15 years earlier his wife’s doctor called on a Saturday to… Continue Reading

More on What GCs Look For in Outside Law Firms

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

A panel of general counsel at the September meeting of Legal Marketing Association’s Metro Philadelphia Chapter told the audience that they REALLY crave better communications and efficiency from outside counsel. As reported on Law.com’s Small Firm Business by reporter Zack Needles, the GCs:   Don’t Like: “centralized attorney structure” (where client must go through a senior… Continue Reading

Full-Time Client Feedback Person – The Next Trend?

Posted in Client Communications

Seeking client feedback appears to be getting more attention in firms of all sizes. Ballard Spahr (500-plus lawyers) has hired a full-time “client interviewer,” and Stanislaw Ashbaugh (19 lawyers) prominently links to their Chief Results Officer from their home page, and Ward and Smith PA (80 lawyers) has a partner who is devoted to visiting clients nearly full-time. … Continue Reading

Interview: What Coaching Is All About

Posted in Marketing Tips

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed about coaching and other business development topics by Cole Silver for his Expert Audio Series.  It was a lot of fun.  So, for those who care to listen to the golden vocal cords of yours truly, give it a go. (aw, come on, I know you’ve just… Continue Reading