Don’t forget to obtain marketing information during your initial client interview. Jim Calloway’s article, where he offers tips on conducting the initial client interview, starts out by equating the meeting to a first date. In addition to his many thoughtful suggestions, he includes a number of intake forms. One is called simply Client Intake Form and it is far easier for the prospective client to fill out while waiting than those encountered in a doctor’s office. After asking the name, rank and serial number type questions, it asks only two things:
*What area of legal service are you seeking?
*How did you hear about our firm: (Circle one or more)(e.g. yellow pages, seminar, referral source, ad, etc., that are applicable to your firm)
Why is it important to get this information during the initial meeting? Whether or not you continue the courtship with a particular client, do not pass up the opportunity to learn how they came to your firm in the first place. The important point is that, by determining what brought each potential client to your firm, you will gain valuable feedback on what marketing activities are working for you.