No matter how many times you have given the same basic talk, always practice before giving it the next time.  I have given a similar marketing speech many, many times.  Occasionally, I have not practiced beforehand and I fell flat.  I was uncomfortable, and at times, tongue-tied.

So, I never give a talk without adding

When I am going to give a talk to a trade group, such as a Bar Association, I ask for the opportunity in advance to speak to the conference leadership or members who will be in the audience. The reason is simple, I want to find out what they want to learn, and take away

One of the key ingredients for a successful speaking engagement is to be nervous as hell before you start.  It does not mean you should be trembling in your shoes, but if you are not a little on edge, you will generally fall flat.  At least that’s what happens to me. If I am very

You might ask how I could make such a statement when most dogs, including my Chocolate Lab Sugar, spend most of their day sleeping. Normal people wouldn’t think that you could learn a lot about developing business from spending 90% of your time viewing the inside of your eye lids.

But, ALAS, Joey Asher does

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to speak to a trial lawyers’ bar association. Not having a lot of experience on the plaintiffs’ side of marketing, I decided the best approach would be to get some insight into what the organization was hoping to learn about marketing. Accordingly, I asked my contact

There are many who say when it comes to speeches, as for a lot of things in life, less is more. I’m not sure whether that’s based on lousy speeches, or by keeping it short, it’s easier to get your point(s) across more effectively.

Whatever is the case I think brief is better when my