Whether it’s a blog or Twitter page, make sure your presence online is a true extension of the personal brand that you’re working to build.

The question this week was: My social media is a [fill in the blank] representation of my personal brand:

Great – 20%
Good – 40%
So-so – 0%
Weak –

Social media has become a major talking point in the realm of marketing and business development. Today, almost every professional has a LinkedIn profile, if not a blog, twitter account and yes, even Facebook page. Whether or not you choose to participate in any of the above, you should know that everything that’s put out

From Martha Stewart to Alan Dershowitz, all successful marketers need a verbal identity to illustrate what they stand for and how they stand apart.

The question this week was: I can verbalize what sets me apart:

1. In one sentence – 0%

2. In one paragraph – 0%

3. In a somewhat rambling way –

Whether it’s bow ties, a bald head or a signature pin, never underestimate the power of your visual identity… it can make you memorable.

This week we asked:
I have a clear visual identity or trademark…

Yes 0%
No  50%
Maybe 50%

My Thoughts: So, no one is clear and we are