Last week we talked a bit about personal branding again. Who you are and what you want to project to the world. But the truth is, you can craft the most perfect personal brand in the world, but if no one knows about it, it means nothing. That’s why, starting today, we must all make

You can’t have a brand without visibility. It’s rocket fuel for your marketing and business development efforts. We’ve discussed the importance of Google (if you haven’t yet, go Google yourself… you may be surprised what potential clients will see first), but there are many other options to increasing your visibility… and credibility.

Question of the

Strong branding REQUIRES that you have a clear target market. In other words: any group, or individual (for that matter) that you need in order to succeed. Your homework for the week:  Sit down and think about who YOU want to gain business from. It could be fortune 500’s, financial institutions, rocket scientists OR… other

This week we need to address the second step in defining your personal brand. The verbal identity. You’re not just a lawyer… you’re a specialist. It may be in criminal law, real estate law or immigration. How can you own a slice of your specialty? This is the time to verbalize the big idea that