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Marketing with Limited Budget in Hard Times

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Although I have preached about the need to increase not decrease marketing budgets on this blog over the past month or more, let’s be realistic – I say to myself – not every firm will follow that advice. Some have or will cut budgets no matter what. So, what’s a poor rainmaker suppose to do…. Continue Reading

More Reasons to Crank Up That Marketing

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The American Bar Association recently asked lawyers to predict the future. Over 14,300 lawyers responded, and yesterday the ABA issued an early summary of the survey results to those who had participated. Some results: 19% of lawyers expect to lose their jobs, 78% anticipate that "everyone" will be affected in some way by the recession,… Continue Reading

Plan to Crank up Marketing Budget in 2009. Huh?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Yep! While a number of large law firms are cutting lawyers and staff, it is no secret that budgets, including marketing budgets, are being trimmed for the coming year. Unfortunately that is shortsighted. In fact, it may reduce the amount of new business harvested in the coming year. If business development is good for law… Continue Reading

Now Is Not The Time To Cut Your Marketing Budget

Posted in Marketing Tips

Although we lawyers were taught in law school that we could do brain surgery – if only the light was right, please don’t utilize a surgical knife when scrutinizing your coming year’s marketing budget. As many investment advisors (oh yeah, we were taught we could do that too in our sleep) are telling their clients,… Continue Reading

Warren Buffett’s (and Wayne Gretzky’s) Advice Applies To Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

While some may be in denial, Warren Buffett writes in an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times (free registration required) that the “financial world is a mess”… but that he is now “buying American stocks.” He’s talking about his personal account (not his Bershire Hathaway holdings) which traditionally has been entirely in U.S. Government bonds…. Continue Reading

Secrets to Small Firms’ Successes

Posted in Marketing Tips

Well, “secrets” may be a bit strong, since what makes small to medium size law firms successful isn’t exactly rocket science. Prosperous smaller firms have very successful lawyers who never practiced in BigLaw, as well as those who did, but left because they no longer cared for the environment or life style in larger firms. So,… Continue Reading

Is Your Marketing Budget Keeping Up?

Posted in Marketing Tips

I’m not referring to keeping up with the Jones’ or with large firms for that matter. What I am referring to is whether your firm is keeping up with the needs of your marketplace in terms of marketing and business development. Times change and competition is increasing. Both should be taken into consideration when calculating what your budget… Continue Reading

How Do You Determine Your Marketing Budget?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Some firms pick a marketing budget by what other firms “reportedly” spend. That is, by picking a percentage of gross revenues, because that is what is reported in the legal press. You may hear that firms spend anywhere from 1% to 4% of gross revenues. Some more. Whether you are at the low or higher end of… Continue Reading