Networking… to some just the mention of this word makes them tense up and break out into a cold sweat. Others? Well they make sure they have business cards. I have to admit that I have never been the latter… until I shifted my thinking.

I stopped thinking about networking and started thinking about…

Yes, I know…a lawyer. But today let’s think about who you really want to be in 2011? Truly define it. Do you want to focus your practice on a certain niche? Do you want to be “the small-banking go-to lawyer,” the “aviation law expert for the Northwest,” the “Georgia divorce expert?” Where do you want

Being realistic, not all marketing and business development efforts will be great success stories. For every fantastic client landed there will always be one that chose your competition and for every great article sent to a colleague there will be one or two that slipped through the cracks. The key is to always be aware