It isn’t too late to send a Thanksgiving Day card, at least to key clients.  Why?  As I have commented before, it has several benefits:

  • Avoids religious connotations for those sensitive about such things;
  • You beat the holiday crowd;
  • Don’t get lost in said crowd; and
  • Most importantly, you can, in a truly meaningful way,

If you don’t know you’re not paying attention. Further, you probably are not communicating with them often enough.

Since communications is the biggest problem in all phases of life, it can result in disaster in business. Corporate America is constantly talking to consumers in one form or another, and always assessing their markets.  It should

It should come as no surprise that clients don’t like surprises. Who does?  Well, most of us wouldn’t mind being surprised with a nice Hanukkah or Christmas present about now. But, you get the point.

I have written a number of posts (three listed below) over the past eight years regarding the dangers (and benefits

In a similar vein to the old real estate adage, in legal marketing it’s all about contact, contact, contact.  Two important factors need to come into play in building any relationship are how often you are in contact (with clients, referral sources and prospects) and what value those communications add to the relationship.

That’s pretty