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Coaching or The Buddy System

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

What I especially like about Seth Godin is his pithy posts which plant plenty of powerful (p)ideas in my pons (part of brainstem). Okay, I didn’t do that well on that one, but heck it’s only Tuesday. The point is that his recent brief post about “The Buddy System” got me thinking about a modified… Continue Reading

Thinking of Hiring a Coach? Make Sure You’re Ready

Posted in Marketing Tips

In my almost twenty-five years as a legal marketer, the biggest drawback to success in developing business has been the failure by lawyers to follow through on the strategies they develop. I’ve seen lawyers make stellar efforts in planning effective goals and objectives, only then to fail for the lack of implementation. That’s where a… Continue Reading

Can A Coach Help You Grow Your Practice?

Posted in Marketing Tips

In a word, YES. Your coach could be a fellow lawyer in your firm, or another solo (who in turn you could coach), or it could be someone else. Basically, the purpose is to engage a friendly, experienced person to offer ideas and remind you (some might refer to it as nagging) to do the… Continue Reading

Six Reasons For Hiring a Coach

Posted in Marketing Tips

Now is a good time to consider gearing up your business development efforts. One way to do that is to hire a coach. And a post over on Jamie Field – Enlightened Rainmaking mentions six reasons for doing so: Even superstars have coaches, certainly all pro golfers do, as well as CEOs and other top… Continue Reading

Interview: What Coaching Is All About

Posted in Marketing Tips

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed about coaching and other business development topics by Cole Silver for his Expert Audio Series.  It was a lot of fun.  So, for those who care to listen to the golden vocal cords of yours truly, give it a go. (aw, come on, I know you’ve just… Continue Reading

Attorney Coach

Posted in Prospecting for Clients

All lawyers know that law schools did not prepare them for the practical side of practicing law. That is especially true when it comes to developing business in order to sustain a law practice. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years, and I have commented on that in several posts on my… Continue Reading