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Visit Your Clients ASAP

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

From the very beginning of this blog, I have urged lawyers to visit their clients (off the clock) at their place of business (also referred to as their “problem space”).  It often results in immediate new business.  It worked for me, and many attorneys I’ve coached over the years said it worked for them. That… Continue Reading

Associate Marketing: First Years

Posted in Marketing Tips

This topic relating to marketing for new lawyers has been addressed previously on this blog. Recently, friend and colleague Ross Fishman of Fishman Marketing has completed a book entitled The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist. Not surprisingly, Fishman has done a great job, and since he sent me an e-book version, I decided to… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Get Your Business Development Efforts Working

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Team, Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

Read a post on the Cordell Parvin Blog about the reasons your client development efforts may not be working. I’ve heard lawyers complain over the years how they are doing “stuff,”, but nothing seems to happen. I’ll put a different twist on Parvin’s post by suggesting ten tips (using his thoughts) you can use to… Continue Reading

Stop procrastinating!

Posted in Marketing Tips

I hate it when someone hits me side of the head to get my attention.  BUT, it does work ya know.  All week I’ve been procrastinating on this week’s post.  Lo and behold I run across Ruth Carter’s post “Beat Back Procrastination” on Attorney at Work this morning.  It got my attention. Do you procrastinate… Continue Reading