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A Firm’s Brand is Worthless…

Posted in Marketing Tips

…If the lawyers who helped establish the brand depart. That is the real lesson of Howrey’s demise, according to John Hellerman. In an excellent article published on Law360 yesterday, he points out how Howrey was praised in recent years for its branding campaign and its success; but couldn’t survive after its heavy hitters left. That… Continue Reading

What Is Your Brand?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Following up on my post earlier this week where I talked about focusing your marketing on your brand, the question is: do you even know what your brand is? Borrowing again from 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons For Marketing & Communications Professionals by Richard Levick and Larry Smith, today’s meditation tells you how to find… Continue Reading

What is Your Branding Focus?

Posted in Marketing Tips

As I began to meditate in this new year about a post for today, I decided to go to the old standby 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons from Marketing & Communications Professionals by Larry Smith and Richard Levick with Levick Strategic Communications. The ones for today and tomorrow both refer to Starbucks. Today’s says: "Coffee… Continue Reading

Surprise Your Clients!

Posted in Marketing Tips

If there is one thing I have preached over the years is to NEVER surprise your clients. In conducting client interviews over the years, I have consistently heard from law firm clients that they HATE surprises. So, what’s up with the title to this post? Have I gone mad? I’ll leave that to others. By… Continue Reading

Does Your Web Site Adequately Reflect Your Brand?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Your web site, as with all your marketing materials should be consistent and reflect your brand, which hopefully echoes the value you bring to clients who hire the firm. Too few firms do a good job at that. Now, don’t get mad at me. Although I agree with the statement, it really comes from someone who knows and… Continue Reading

Your Personal Brand is Important For Your Success

Posted in Marketing Tips

If you believe, as I do, that business development (aka selling) is everything you do as a lawyer, then a recent article by Shai Littlejohn that appeared in The National Law Journal and on Small Firm Business about the importance of your personal brand may be of interest. Your personal brand impacts whether clients hire… Continue Reading

Staff as Part of Marketing – Continued

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

As I mentioned in my last post about making the non-marketing staff a part of the firm’s business development efforts, Stacy West Clark’s article on that point gives some suggestions on how to accomplish that with at least two groups of staffers. But first, the lawyer’s role. Educate those who work for you as to: How… Continue Reading