It may not be the most frequently ASKED question by my clients, but I can guarantee you it’s certainly the most frequently thought.  So rather than give you theory—I want to give you results. This week we’ll take a break from the norm to look at two successful bloggers, the results they’ve achieved and how

Stop overthinking and speak your mind. Your blog is the perfect place to let your personality shine.

This week we asked: If you blog, how often do you incorporate stories from real life, the daily news or pop culture?

1. Often – 10%

2. Sometimes – 56%

3. Rarely – 32%

4. Never – 2%

For all of my yelling and shouting about consistency and repetition, there are some (but only some) exceptions to the rules. A good place to break from the norm? You guessed it—your blog. While keeping on topic is still important, a blog is a place to get creative in the way you communicate with the

Working with a ghostblogger can be a great, collaborative experience for many busy attorneys–but the key is just that… COLLABORATE!

This week we asked: Do you write your own blog?

1. Yes, every word comes from me – 55%

2. Somewhat, I collaborate with a ghostwriter – 35%

3. No, I give direction but the

Ghostblogging has come under a bit of scrutiny lately (we’ll discuss that on Thursday) but in my mind it’s a great alternative. Better to be a part of the social media world than write off all the opportunities that can arise from it simply because you are afraid of the time commitment. Working with a

From business opportunities to PR for your practice, making the connection is an important part of your blog.

This week we asked: What are you doing to make connections?

1. Nothing, I’m just writing my blog – 45%

2. I’m asking questions and engaging my audience – 30%

3. I’m promoting my posts on Twitter

One of the greatest things about putting out a truly engaging and thoughtful blog is the opportunity to connect. A focused, smart blog can draw attention and comments from potential clients, industry colleagues and even local, regional and national media; it can help you develop your personal brand (as we discussed previously); and can open

Though most blogging platforms offer up templates of how a blog should look, it’s up to you to impress your personal brand on the page. The true test: Can someone easily identify the blog as YOURS upon first glance? That doesn’t mean intricate design or flashy graphics, it simply means bringing a sense of organization