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Retain existing clients. Attract new clients.

Simple statements aren’t they? In reality though, they are tough nuts to crack. For many law firms, mastering these two growth engines is a confusing maze with dead-ends around every corner.

I help attorneys through the maze – and increase their bottom line in the process!

Pick-up the phone or e-mail me. I have more than two decades of experience helping law firms create and retain more business – quickly and affordably. In fact, why not click here and see what my clients have to say.


Law Firm Business Development Planning

Without a plan a law firm’s or individual lawyer’s marketing and business development efforts are generally serendipity or haphazard at best. Often it leads to chasing the fad-of-the-month or other marketing idea without direction or focus. By preparing a road map that seeks the clients you prefer and a practice niche you enjoy, your personal and professional life will become much more satisfying. [MORE]

Attorney Coach

Finding the time to devote to legal marketing is one of the most difficult challenges facing lawyers today. Even with the best of intentions, other demands on a lawyer’s time prevents meaningful business development in too many cases. Coaching can provide the necessary focus and guidance to individual lawyers and practice groups to increase their marketing and business development effectiveness. [MORE]

Client Satisfaction Surveys for Law Firms

The best source of new business is existing clients, either through new matters or referrals to new clients. However, unhappy clients not only won’t send new work, but they will tell up to 10 people how dissatisfied they were with your firm. Accordingly, seeking feedback is one of the best ways to retain clients. Often their unhappiness is easily corrected, before they depart for another law firm. [MORE]

Attorney Training

Many lawyers are still uncomfortable with marketing and business development. In some cases they just don’t understand what works and what doesn’t, what clients expect from their lawyers, and how to provide client service in a manner that will build relationships that will last for the long term. Training can provide the answers to many of these issues, and insure that all your lawyers are doing the things that get results. [MORE]

Legal Marketing Speaker

Offer educational and motivational talks to law firms and organizations on best business development practices, and client expectations regarding legal services.

I look forward to talking with you,

Tom Kane