Change is never easy. And today even more challenging since every aspect of our lives has changed in some way.  Covid-19 has taught us many things and the most important is resilience.

According to a survey MyCase conducted, 44% of law firms surveyed believe that Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on the way courts operate and 53% believe it will have a lasting impact on the way a law firm uses technology.  How resilient will you be?

I asked several of my clients to share what they learned that could be taken into the post Covid-19 world as we all create our new normal.

What lessons did you learn working virtually with clients and the courts?

1. “I learned working remotely for hearings and client interviews was manageable. It required a reset of the context of work.  With the right support, I find that it is possible to continue to provide services by video and other communication devices.  I can see how to save money in the future regarding office space needs.” Sheena Benjamin-Wise, Family Law

2. “I learned it’s much more manageable than I anticipated. I had my first Zoom mediation and it went great! The case settled and we got a really good result for the client. Not everything has been great though. Some counties are requiring the use of CourtCall for telephonic hearing appearances, meaning I have to spend money for every appearance on behalf of my client. This is particularly frustrating when some judges have been insisting on setting a case management conference every month.” James A. Peterson, Employment Law

Similar to the 2008 shift to online legal service options and the movement away from “big law” firms, I think we are going to see another big shift as a result of this pandemic- a movement to complete virtual practice of law.  If you stay on the cutting edge of technology, you will thrive.” Stefanie Deters, Trust and Estate Law

3. “Make sure you troubleshoot and do a dry run of the technology ahead of time.” Marianne Curtis, Commercial Litigator

4. “So far, only that it’s business as usual, regardless of your physical location.  With remote access to my firm’s server and a phone, there is nothing I can’t do from home that I was doing in my office.  And the same is true for my clients and the courts.  Of course, I haven’t had to go to trial via Zoom yet myself, but hearings by telephone were commonplace before the pandemic, and now are just more prevalent.” Jeffrey Lapin, Commercial Litigator

5. “In-person meetings are overrated and so much time is lost in the travel to-from meetings and hearings. I have been able to accomplish much more now that in-person meetings are off the table! Karen Lapekas, Tax Law

6. “Getting the right technology and learning how to use it is key.  If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Find ways to be more efficient with technology.  I also learned that clients tend to cancel zoom meetings at the last minute. “ Stefanie Deters, Trust and Estate Law 

My Takeaway
Embrace changes, adapt quickly and leverage technology. That is resilience!

P.S. You might be wondering about the photo I used. Well, I’m a passionate amateur photographer. And have found an outlet for my passion. I hope you like the photo I took at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, in Miami, Florida.