Dave Swanner, a solo practitioner and author of South Carolina Trial Law Blog, created quite a buzz at last weekend’s BlawgThink in Chicago. I had communicated with Dave previously but had not met him until then.
He presented each attendee with an attractively packaged CD entitled “Winning With PowerPoint�.” It contains 100 slide presentations of opening and closing arguments sent to him by lawyers all over the country that, with their permission, he burned onto the CD. What a great legal marketing tool! Since Dave has and is continuing to develop a high-end plaintiffs’ practice, he freely distributes the CDs to lawyers and other potential referral sources who might be in a position to refer cases to him. It’s different and gets your attention. Brilliant!
Give some thought to what you could develop as a tool to create a buzz. Then, send it to clients, potential clients and referral sources so your law firm will be noticed in a way that sets it apart.
Also, Dave has given me 10 CDs which I will be happy to distribute on a first-come, first-served basis. Or you could go directly to Dave’s blog and order your own.