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More on Handwritten Notes

Posted in Client Communications, Prospecting for Clients

Having opined on the value of sending handwritten notes vs. other forms of communication in the past, I found two posts today, as I was trying to get my own post in before Hurricane Wilma hits us tonight, commenting on the value of handwritten notes.
The first item was from Jackie Huba of Church of the Customer Blog relating how she got a note from a sales person at her local J. Crew store and how it impacted her. The other thanks to John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing was a post by David Lorenzo (a consultant, strategist and advisor himself) on his blog reporting on how he sent 20 handwritten notes (with news clippings from local periodicals) to people that led to “seven e-mails, two letters, and a phone call,” and potential business.
Handwritten notes are rarely used today, but as noted, can be very effective.

  • Totally agree. In this age of email, handwritten notes are more powerful than ever!

  • I could not agree more! I am such a believer I started a company to support those who also want to touch people in this extremely personal way. I have sent notes for years but ran into a few problems. I had a hard time finding good non gender note cards. Second, was tracking. I often would send a note to the same person the next month and then I would have to remember what card I sent them so I didn’t send the same one twice.
    So, we (my wife and I) started our company that provides a monthly subscription of note cards based on how many a person wants to commit to send a day. We also create a new never before published non gender note card every month. Always fresh new powerful note cards. Very convenient as well. We mail them directly to the office, home or wherever each month. No Shopping.
    Thanks for your article. I always appreciate finding those who believe in the POWER of a NOTE HANDWRITTEN.
    Lionel Wilson

  • We’ve got a great thank-you note story on our new blog at http://www.automatic-referrals.com/automatic_referrals/2006/02/the_3_million_t.html. Handwritten note yielded a $3 million dollar account!