You may think that that is so obvious, that my mere mentioning it is dumb.  Not so fast.  Too many lawyers are into activities to be active…they think.  Some believe that by going to enough social events (online or otherwise), or business meetings, or community events that they will pick up work.  Maybe or maybe not.

Jamie Field on her Enlightened Rainmaking blog starts a post on the subject by telling a kindergarten joke to make a point ; to wit:  “Why do you go to bed at night? Because the bed won’t come to you.”  (yes, I did smile, Jamie.)  Her point is that it is important to go where you clients are.

She provides two simple suggestions:

  • Online.  Hang out and be social by contributing meaningful content (not just promote yourself, which happens too often on LinkedIn IMHO) on the social networks that your clients are involved in.  Join the right groups and raise your profile by listening and providing value to the discussions; and
  • In-Person.  Attend conferences, meetings, etc. that have the greatest potential for running into your clients and others like them (and good referrals sources, I might add).

That way you won’t lose sleep worrying about why your clients don’t come to you!