You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the importance of referrals to the legal marketing efforts of your law practice. Nonetheless, not all lawyers are comfortable asking for referrals from clients and other contacts. They just don’t want to come across as Lazarrus at the temple gate.

Mike McLaughlin over at The Guerrilla Consultant refers us to the article “Rethinking Referrals”  for those consultants reluctant to ask for them. The article is also applicable to lawyer marketers.

Two of Mike’s suggestions that can lead to unsolicited referrals include:

“First, you’ll have to consistently deliver on the promise of your consulting (read “lawyering”) work—plus a little bit more. Look for opportunities to broaden your value to the client beyond the project you’re working on.

“Help your client sort out other pressing issues by providing insights, relevant articles, and books, or by serving as a sounding board. Keep your interests focused on the client’s needs and you’ll be on your way to that unsolicited referral.

“Second, remember that stellar work and a trusting relationship aren’t enough to generate an unsolicited referral. Your client must also know enough about your business to make a productive referral. Without that knowledge, your client referrals will be hit or miss, which can be a costly way to try to build your business.

“As you work with clients, help them understand the breadth or your capabilities and how your services can be used most effectively. Not only will that knowledge help clients make more targeted referrals, it also helps them learn about other ways you can assist them.”

Bottom line:

  • Go the extra mile in the services you provide your clients, and
  • Let your clients know what you do and have done in your practice.