I was astounded to learn that a law firm had received 10 referrals from another lawyer, but NEVER formally thanked the person. “Oh, he knows how much we appreciate the referrals, we’re good friends.” Yah!
John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing gave an example of an over-the-fence referral involving a neighbor, who John referred to his dog’s vet. It was later, when John got a thank you from the vet, that he realized that a referral system was at work here. Do you have a thank you system in place?
Like any system, it does involve some work, such as:
*Asking a new client how they picked your firm (John and I agree this is the key to the system),and
*Sending a thank you gift – dinner certificate, a book, new car (just kidding), or whatever.

The likely outcome:

*Lawyer and referral source have formalized their networking relationship,
*Referral source is likely to tell others about your appreciation,
*Others refer clients to firm, since they think well of you because the referral source does.

As John says, it isn’t rocket science. It’s a system. Lawyers should have a referral “thank you” system as well, so friends know that you appreciate them and the business.