I’m sure you have heard the expression, she or he “could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.” (We won’t get into the fact that Eskimos have indoor plumbing, etc. and actually could use a refrigerator – but you get the point). Which is, that successful salespersons must believe in their product, and if they do, they can sell the product to anyone. This John Jantsch reminds us about when he says “selling comes from within.”
As I have previously posted some lawyers (too many) do not “enjoy” the work they are doing nor the clients they are doing it for. Consequently, to expect them to market their existing practice may be a bit unrealistic.
So, it is incredibly important to determine (before we send lawyers out to undertake legal marketing) that they really want to be doing what they are suppose to be selling. As a famous Harry F. Banks quote states: “A salesman minus enthusiasm is just a clerk.” According, lawyers must be comfortable with marketing generally, and enthusiastic about what they are selling if they hope to succeed.