We recently surveyed our email list and asked about the biggest challenges attorneys face. One of the most popular answers was time management. In this blog, we’ll provide you with several tips for managing your time, not just from a marketing standpoint, but in other areas of your business as well.

1. Streamline your touchpoints with your referral sources

As a small business owner, you know it’s important to massage the relationships you have with your referral sources – whether that’s a former client, an attorney in a different practice area, other business owners, etc. But as your business grows, it’s impossible to devote time to checking in on everyone. And while you should always make time for a special lunch or coffee date with your closest referral sources, there are ways you can streamline your touchpoints with your thousands of contacts.

For starters, dump all of those emails into an app like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. and send them an email newsletter every month. Include your most recent blog, a video, and any firm announcements. This content should not only be evergreen, but provide value and remind your contacts of who you are and what you do.

Additionally, you should be posting on social media every day (if not multiple times per day). Use scheduling apps like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to bulk schedule your posts to multiple profiles so you can get the widest reach possible.

2. Stay Organized!

This seems obvious, but if your desk is full of clutter and sticky notes are plastered all over the place, your day is always going to feel hectic. Clean up your workspace and organize your tasks in a calendar or a workflow management app like Trello.

3. Don’t Multitask

We’re all guilty of it, but multitasking has been proven to hinder productivity. Instead, focus on one task at a time. If you need to block out time in your calendar to do so, then set your schedule!


As a business owner, it’s natural to feel an inner pressure to do everything yourself because that way, you know it will get done right and the way you want it done. However, there’s a variation on the 80/20 rule that states if someone can do a task 80% as well as you can, you should delegate it.

Chances are, someone can answer phones, do the books, and handle your marketing at least 80% as well as you can. The only thing that someone may not be able to do as well as you is be a lawyer – so delegate as many of your non-legal tasks as possible!

If you’re looking to delegate your marketing, we can help! Contact us today.