If someone were to ask you that question, or asked me for that matter, the answer would seem so obvious. The best sources of new referrals are the very same people you have referred clients to you in the past. That seems pretty simple, since they have shown a propensity and willingness to refer work, having already done so. End of story.

Well, maybe not. According to John Jantsch, even thought the principle is pretty “simplistic, nobody does it.” I’m not so sure I entirely agree with the “nobody” part, but I would agree that most business referrals likely come from the same small group of clients that have referred work in the past, and that not enough law firm marketing focuses on targeting referral sources.

In any event, John suggests that you approach those clients, and:

  • Clue them in on your marketing plans (expansion, focus, etc.),
  • Inquire as to additional referrals,
  • What you could do to make it easier for them to make more referrals,
  • Suggest how to refer your firm,
  • Keep yourself in the forefront of the client’s mind so they will think of you when a referral opportunity does come along (most important), and of course,
  • Show your appreciation for the referrals in very real ways.

Obvious or not, a reminder on how important referral sources are to lawyer marketing is a good thing.