Well, now that I have your attention.

I know that it is important to you, your mother, your firm initially, and some clients I’m sure. But I’d venture to say that after you have been out of school for awhile most clients could care less. They want to know what you’re capable of doing for them; that you have the right experience to solve their personal or business problem. That’s all they care about.

The above thoughts came to mind because of today’s meditation from 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons For Marketing & Communications Professionals authored by Richard Levick and Larry Smith. It reads:

"Do you care where the cook at a great restaurant went to school? Who cares where your partners went? Include it if you like, but never lead with it."

Still too many law firms’ attorney bios, whether on their website or in hard copy, still lead off with their lawyers’ academic credentials. As Levick and Smith so succinctly put it "who cares”? It’s better to highlight the cases and transactions that the lawyer handled successfully.  Sorry, but where they went to law school just isn’t that important to clients in the end.