There are many who say when it comes to speeches, as for a lot of things in life, less is more. I’m not sure whether that’s based on lousy speeches, or by keeping it short, it’s easier to get your point(s) across more effectively.

Whatever is the case I think brief is better when my priest gives a short homily; and although you may think it’s because I want to get out of church quicker, that is actually not the case. I actually think he is a much more dynamic speaker and I remember his points better, when he doesn’t try to cover too much. 

So, when I ran across Ernie the Attorney’s post yesterday about this thing called Ignite I had to take a look, since Ernie is truly one of the earliest and most respected pioneers in the legal blogosphere. It appears that this Ignite movement, which involves people giving speeches no longer or shorter than five minutes in length and with 20 slides advancing every 15 seconds, is gaining in popularity. A chapter has formed in Ernie’s hometown of New Orleans.

My head is still spinning from the dizzying video highlighted on the Ignite site. But it is entertaining to say the least. My only concern about the upcoming Ignite event in New Orleans that Ernie mentions is that the multiple presentations are scheduled from eight to 10 PM (after a cocktail party starting at 7 PM) is how dizzyingly these presentations will come across.

The important point of all that is is to think about how to make your next speech short, simple, and memorable. Maybe the principle behind Ignite might help set a fire under your audience.