Consultants (as well as lawyers) can be a touch wordy sometimes. Especially when trying to sell their services to prospective clients. Often we think that it’s necessary to cover the waterfront in terms of explaining who we are, what we do (or did), and whom we do (or have done) work for. Or, in some cases, all of the above and more. Instead, we should be conveying more about the value we add to the personal lives and businesses of those we represent.

So, when I looked at my trusty copy of 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons for Marketing & Commmunications Professionals, by Richard Levick and Larry Smith, to see what the meditation for today was, lo and behold, as usual it was very succinct:

“Don’t say what you did. Say why you did it. Think and report benefits.”

Better to let potential clients grasp the benefits gained from your services, rather than you trying to “sell” them. Now that’s short and sweet. Less can really be more every so often.