Granted large law firms have the luxury of turning work away. Not many have the leadership capability to say no to some partners, I might point out. But, when you have a broader base of niche work it’s easier to do so. HOWEVER, small firms need to learn how to say “no” as well.

As I have preached a number times (here, here, here and here), law firms serious about legal marketing need to get focused on doing work they want to do (and presumably are very good at) for the clients they want to represent.

I was reminded of the value of such advice when I saw the post at Adam Smith, Esq. where Bruce MacEwen recounts two conversations over a 24-hour period that he had with leaders of two large law firms regarding the strategy of “saying no.” Take a look.

As stated, it is harder for smaller firms to say no, but with strong leadership, it can and should be done occasionally. It’s not only smart, but will lead to effective niche marketing that will result in more happy lawyers within – and more success for – your law firm.