Writing and speaking as business development techniques have long been two of my favorites. They are No. 7 and No. 6 on my list of Top 10 Marketing Tips. The obvious purpose is to establish the lawyer’s position as an authority on a subject and encourage clients to retain her or him as a result.

My friend Trey Ryder has an article “How To Build Your Image As An Authority” in his recent newsletter; and writing and speaking play an important role in building that authority image:

  • Write articles for publication,
  • Appear as a guest on a radio talk show,
  • Offer opinions and advice on the TV news,
  • Present seminars to other lawyers,
  • Present seminars for your prospects,
  • Write and publish a newsletter,
  • Write a book, and
  • Host a web site (or blog).

Trey also offers five additional suggestions dealing with the trappings of authority for consideration from titles, and office status to the car you drive. Take a look.