For years – I mean for YEARS – I’ve preached that the most effective, usually immediate way to get new legal business is to visit your clients at their place of business. It worked when I practiced law, and I saw the strategy bear fruit repeatedly as both a law firm marketing consultant, and when I was an in-house marketer.

In fact, I made it my No. 1 Top Marketing Tip in my seminars a long time ago, and highlighted it on this blog nearly two years ago – and in a couple of posts since (here and here). So, why don’t more lawyers do it?

Wait a minute! I’m getting a flash..… I get it, you don’t believe me! Now my feelings are hurt.

I know many rainmakers who do believe, as well as many consultants, including Tom Collins and Michelle Golden, both of whom have recent posts on the subject. They cite a survey conducted by John Remsen of the The Remsen Group. John’s November 2006 reader survey (with 138 responses) found that visiting clients was the most effective marketing tactic according to 59% of respondents. In second place was “organizational activity” (12%) and third, “firm-sponsored seminars” (9%). Not the most scientific survey, but impressive nonetheless.

Now, do you believe me? You will, if you give it a try.