Now for the drum roll……
The single most effective marketing technique which leads to immediate business in the vast majority of cases is to visit your client at their place of business.
This visit is not for the purpose of discussing a current matter you may be working on (unless client wants to, of course). The client should know that they are not being billed for the visit. Your purpose actually is multifaceted: relationship building, listening, learning, and meeting others you haven’t met before. The main point is to get into the client’s workspace where their day-to-day problems are found, and for which you may be able to assist them.
Such visits will not only enhance your relationship, but it will almost certainly lead to IMMEDIATE work. This has been validated many times over the years, and in my own personal experience as a sole practitioner. Many of the lawyers I have worked with in the past two decades confirm that 85-90% (okay, that’s out of thin air, but it seems like that) of such visits result in immediate new business.
So, starting today schedule a client visit or two. You will fast become a believer.