Ran across a post on Legal Search Marketing Blog suggesting a couple of tools that you might consider for increasing your search engine positions. (Caveat: I can’t determine who is behind this site, and whether they may have a vested interest in their suggestions). But, search engine optimization is a valid legal marketing strategy for your web site, so it might be worth checking them out.

One is WordTracker by a British company that offers a free trial of their keyword tool. Basically, they claim that their database will give you variations on keywords that people use to find lawyers or law firms like yours.

Another is KeywordDiscovery (it too offers a free trial).   At $32.50 per month, it isn’t for everyone, but consider what you’re spending on the yellow pages or online directories. These tools may turn out to more effective for your lawyer marketing, especially with the incredible increase in use of the Internet search engines to find products and services.

Also, SEO guru Tim Stanley at Justia.com has some terrific suggestions on his site dealing with keywords.  Take a look, they’re free.