Building on an earlier post of mine about avoiding paying lip service to client service.  Dan Hull over on What About Clients? blog has a very interesting post he calls “All Hat, No Cattle.”

I am a fan of Dan’s blog, and as the name implies he is BIG on client service. He states that “superior work alone won’t keep a good client…coming back.” And client service (CS) has to be engrained into the firm’s culture, so that everyone buys “into CS like a cult, like a religion, like an angry sermon that took them out of their pews at the Church of the Final Thunder.” I like that.

Dan, a practicing attorney and not a consultant, tells us that too many firms think they are providing good service, but he has two problems with that view:

  • Law firms are in a self-deception mode, and
  • More seriously, firms are deceiving clients by way of their web site or during the sales pitch.

Such “deception” won’t last. Firms that say they are providing quality client service but don’t are not going to fool the client for very long. Particularly as more and more firms start getting religion when it comes to true client service. 

And what’s that exactly, you may ask?  Well, enter the term "client service" into Search box on this page and you can read dozens of my posts on the subject.