I ran across an interesting blog post of several months ago by Phil Roberts, a media consultant in the U.K, that succinctly sums up what it takes to grow your business:
*Grow the number of clients you serve (i.e., increasing the number of prospects you gain as new clients),
*Increase the frequency of purchase (i.e., gaining new work from existing clients),
*Raise your price (i.e., increase your billing rates).
I agree that the second bullet is the easier and smarter way to increase your law firm’s business, but that means that you are concentrating on the care and nurturing of current clients. Existing clients are always the best source of new work – whether it is from them directly or through their referrals. But first, they must be satisfied clients.
P.S. There were two comments to the post that are perfect examples of unrelated junk/spam comments that are inundating the blog world. I get way too many each day, and that is why, unfortunately, it is necessary to review comments before they are posted.