Today I ran across a post on John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing blog where he promotes his new book and audio CDs entitled “Ultimate Small Business Marketing System” and I’m DARN glad I did. There is really some good advice applicable to legal marketing.
As part of his post he refers to an hour-long podcast he did on the 7 steps of his system last September that I had missed. Well, I tuned in not intending to spend an hour (since I already have all the marketing answers I need, of course), BUT I did. I listened with law firms in mind, and picked up a few pointers from his seven steps that I thought I would share with you:
1.Narrow Your Focus – “don’t try to be all things to all” people (Identify your ideal client and practice area, and concentrate on those),
2.Determine How You’re Different – and communicate your “core difference” (One way is to interview clients, and have them tell you how you’re different; and then tell the world),
3.Package Your Firm – image isn’t everything, but it comes close (Clients need to get an image of your firm or your services that triggers a favorable thought and decision to hire you),
4.Prepare a “Marketing Kit” – that is, a series of materials (and web site) that includes: one-page sheet that says how you are different (unique service, method of delivery, benefits they will come away with, etc.), basic info about practice, case studies, interesting story about your firm (how started, overcame adversity – remember, the key is interesting), testimonials (when ethics rules don’t prohibit), client list (with permission, of course), and checklist indicating what you will do for them),
5.Lead Generation Step – actually John suggests three strategies in this one including: Advertising (not big in my view, but his purpose for advertising – get invitation to market to them, and then start building relationship is worth listening to); Referral System (interesting concept of setting up your expectations of getting referrals from clients, and joint marketing efforts with strategic partners – not competitors – who also serve your market); and Public Relations (build media list and send info that is of interest to their readers, not just about you),
6.Automate and Dominate – referring to Internet marketing – either via website or blog (capture email addresses, link to others (such as strategic partners), list with major search engines, and consider signing up for “local” pay for clicks or pay for calls advertising), and
7.Implement Something – “live by your calendar” (schedule at least one thing with the steps to get there, make marketing appointments with yourself, and take it one “piece at a time”).
You may want to listen in on the podcast yourself, and even consider buying his system, which is reasonably priced at $399.