I really believe that the LegalBizDev Success Kit developed by Jim Hassett, Ph.D. is one of the best business development tools that I have seen in more than two decades in the legal marketing business. Having had the opportunity as part of the LegalBizDev Network, to review an advanced copy of the Kit as Jim developed it, I can highly endorse it as one of the best tools out there. (And I don’t get to share in any of the profits from the sales of the Success Kit either. Not one red cent – DARN IT. BTW, why is that, Jim?)

The Kit consists of:

  • “The LegalBizDev Desk Reference™ – a 192-page guide to best practices, organized alphabetically to help lawyers find exactly the information they need, just when they need it. Whether you need to create an elevator speech, improve networking, qualify a prospect, plan a meeting, increase client satisfaction, or begin another business development task, this book provides checklists, samples, reports, and quick references to help each lawyer quickly identify the tactics that best fit their practice and their personality.
  • “Legal Business Development: Basic Principles and Best Practices – a modular course that can be taken in short segments, on three audio CDs that can be played on a computer, CD player, or iPod. For a demo, go to the following web page.
  • “Legal Business Development: A Step by Step Guide – a book that is already being used at large firms from Boston to Dubai to help lawyers decide how much time to devote to business development, to identify the most productive activities that can be accomplished within that time, and to assure follow-up.
  • "A Quick Start card to help lawyers begin maximizing the benefits, as soon as they open the box."

And the best part of the deal is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you return the Kit prior to March 1, 2008, you will get a full refund. Cost $995.

For more details on the Success Kit take a look at Jim’s post yesterday on his Legal Business Development blog.

What a GREAT holiday gift to yourself, or to your firm’s lawyers.