There probably isn’t any lawyer (who has heard about the Internet) who doesn’t know the importance of search engine rankings. Over last couple of years I’ve become a big believer in the importance of search engine placements, since this blog during that period has been ranked second on Google and Yahoo for legal marketing. So, there isn’t any question that optimizing your site for the maximum impact on search engines is an important business development strategy.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned the free tune-up offered by Tom O’Leary at The Attorney ATM to the winner of his SEO contest open to solos and small firms. The winner was solo Mike Kondoudis, a patent attorney in Washington, DC. As you can imagine, Mike probably has few competitors in that particular market with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office being located there and all.  

O’Leary takes us through his process of tuning-up Mike’s site in a series of posts on his blog The Attorney Marketing Blog. They start with Mike’s reading and putting into play (before he won the contest) some of Tom’s advice contained in his free downloadable e-Book  entitled “How To Dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN.” O’Leary tells us about that in his post “From Obscurity to 1st Page on Google in 5 Business Days.”

AND this is before O’Leary started working on tuning up Mike’s site. He then tells us about more results with Mike’s site after he works on it in his posts “How Google, Yahoo and MSN Treat a Solo’s Website” (and includes actual search results) and “Google and Yahoo Reward Persistent Effort.”

I’ve read a lot of things about SEO consultants on various listservs, some good and some bad. I’m really impressed with what Tom has done and shared with us about SEO on his blog. In fact, I intend to ask him to see what he can do to move my blog up a notch.