When asked if your law firm is really marketing, what do you say? Some firms kid themselves into thinking that they are. Some either leave business development up to the key rainmakers, or undertake only some of those things that would qualify as legal marketing.

Well, maybe there is a way to get an idea of how you and/or your firm are doing when it comes to marketing.

Why not take a little test that appears in an article by consultant Charles “Biff” Maddock of Altman Weil that is in the June issue of Law Practice Today. It’s a quick survey of some of the things that would certainly come into play in the legal marketing world, and should give you an idea of where your firm stands on the subject, as well as some of the things you should be doing.

Your responses to the questions are tallied as you answer them, and depending on your score (on a 40-point system), Biff tells you how you are doing. Basically the more “yes” answers, the better your score, but heck give it a shot.

It just might provide some food for thought as to what your firm is or is not doing right in the marketing arena.