By “working” I mean doing things. It may not be what you want to be doing, and it may be work you don’t enjoy, but it’s work you say and darn it it has to be done. Okay, feel better?

Now, let’s start reshaping our thinking. It is too easy to get bogged down in drudgery (or even good things) and forget to see the proverbial forest. And that involves doing the work you want to do for the clients you want to do it for. That requires lawyer marketing.

Seth Godin’s Blog has a post he calls “Marketing pothole (# 2 of 3): I’m too busy,” where he talks about how even marketers spend too little time marketing. As he points out “accountants are doing accounting” – and, in our case, lawyers are busy doing lawyering. He tells us that only 200 of the 50,000 restaurants in New York have successful marketing stories. The rest are too busy doing the things they think are important. Is your legal marketing suffering because you’re too busy?

Seth’s closing comment says it all:

“Once an organization is up and running, it’s almost impossible to carve out the time to find the marketing vision that will make all the difference. Are you too busy working to make any money?”