You can overcome your procrastination when it comes to developing business by doing a simple item each day. If you don’t get started, you may never become an effective marketer.

To help you overcome your reluctance, take a few moments to read the article on quick and low cost marketing strategies by consultant Terrie Wheeler of in this month’s Law Practice Today. She offers a number of suggestions that you can accomplish in a short period of time, and if you do something each day, your efforts will start paying dividends. Some of Terrie’s suggestions include:

1.  Keeping and Enhancing Client Relationships

  • Call clients or referral sources to touch base
  • Seek feedback after a matter is concluded
  • Schedule a meeting to catch up
  • Introduce client to potential customers

2.  Developing New Clients and Business

  • Determine what your best clients have in common
  • Focus on attracting more of the same
  • Compile list of top referral sources and invite them to lunch
  • Identify trade groups your clients belong to (and join)
  • Assess what has been successful in obtaining clients in the past

3.  Increase Your Visibility

  • Consider serving on a community board
  • Write an article relating to your expertise and get it published
  • Look into increasing your profile in the community
  • Identify target audiences and offer to give a presentation

4.  Improve Your Communications

  • Send information (articles, press items, etc.) of interest to clients and contacts
  • Update your bio and circulate it
  • Notify clients of changes in law that will impact them
  • Update your web site

Most of these action items are not difficult or time consuming.  Hopefully, they will encourage the procrastinators out there to get started on some simple business development activities.