Now is a good time to consider gearing up your business development efforts. One way to do that is to hire a coach. And a post over on Jamie Field – Enlightened Rainmaking mentions six reasons for doing so:

  1. Even superstars have coaches, certainly all pro golfers do, as well as CEOs and other top producers (as I have mentioned before);
  2. good coaches provide valuable feedback and help keep you on the right track;
  3. coaches help strategize and develop action plans for you;
  4. keep you on target by ensuring focus and avoiding distractions;
  5. hold you accountable, (or what I like to refer to as friendly nagging);
  6. be both a cheerleader and booster, as needed.

Actually, there is a seventh reason for hiring a coach:

         7. I could use a few more good clients (oops, sorry about that).

There are many good coaches out there, and the most critical factors to take into consider in hiring a coach include:

  • what is their experience in dealing with lawyers,
  • do they understand your area (s) of practice,
  • what do the references say about their services, and
  • most importantly, is the chemistry right between you.

Some lawyers prefer that their coach meet with them in person, while others find that coaching sessions by telephone work just fine. Each lawyer should determine what would work best for them.

The important thing is that a coach can help you focus, plan and provide valuable support in your business development efforts. Give it some thought.