Usually, I don’t post about articles that are only available by subscription, since most readers are not going to sign up and pay to see the article. However, a recent one on LawyersUSA Online gave some pretty simple steps to increase referrals, and I thought they were worth mentioning.

The five pretty basic tips include:

  1. Ask for referrals. At the conclusion of a matter, according to Ross Fishman, ask your client if they know of others that could use your help, as they may know of someone who may be in need or otherwise unhappy with their current lawyer;
  2. Identify top clients or contacts that may be “centers of influence” (or as I mentioned in a 2005 post are “Super-Connectors”). They are likely in a position to know what the needs of others in their organization or community are. Plan to reach out and contact them at least quarterly suggests Susan Van Dyke;
  3. Send information of interest. Although the article suggests sending weekly or monthly eNewsletters, I’m not a big fan of emails since we are inundated with so much email, and much is spam. If you have, however, provide a quick opt-out process, I’m less critical, but still prefer law alerts with selected articles relevant to your audience;
  4. Attend “several events each week, if possible.” Networking and meeting contacts face-to-face at events, that are likely to include clients or people who could referral potential clients, is still one of the best ways to develop business; and
  5. Provide free work to people who can be referral sources. The example in the article tells about an estate planning lawyer who provided a free will to a financial advisor, who in turn has provided “a steady flow of work to him.”

Simple, but effective tips.