The matter of whether to send printed holiday cards instead of e-cards is one that I feel very strongly about. It is not unlike my view about sending handwritten Thank You notes, instead of emails when expressing gratitude or congratulations to someone. I’ve written and spoken about the topic many, many times on this blog over the past eight years and for longer in my business development seminars.

It is much more personal, especially when notes, as well as the envelopes, are handwritten.  Not enough people take the time to show they really care.  Since the Internet entered our lives, way too many take the easy way out.  Yet, it appears that many, including lawyers still see the value in printed cards.

Bob Weiss surveyed 140 lawyers as to their views on the subject, and wrote about it on Attorney at Work.  Weiss admits it is not a scientifically sound survey.  Nonetheless, I believe the results are telling. Over 60% of lawyers from one to over 20 years in practice, and in all age groups “prefer holiday cards over e-cards.”  So, it isn’t just us old folks that feel that way.  Moreover, approximately 80% said it made a better impression if the card is “personally signed and includes a brief personal note.”  Weiss also has 6 tips on how to go about handling the process.

Thus, my message is to NOT send E-cards instead of printed holiday cards.  Otherwise, your message may come across as: “I don’t have the time to send a meaningful card, because you (fill in the blank – ‘friend’, referral source or client) are just not important enough for the effort to do so.”

Not good marketing.