Ran across the July/August issue of the ABA’s Law Practice magazine which contains an article by Linda Oligschlaeger with the The Missouri Bar. Although her advice to solos and small firm lawyers covers practice management generally, I was particularly taken by 7 of her 15 tips which relate to marketing in these (or any for that matter) economic times:

  1. Develop a marketing and business development plan ASAP, if you don’t have one;
  2. Rekindle relationships with other lawyers and business acquaintances (or any of your contacts) who might refer work to you;
  3. Work on providing the best client service possible, and that includes every person (lawyer and staff) that has any contact with clients;
  4. Consider refocusing your niche(s) to take advantage of new opportunities in the current climate;
  5. Drop the billable hour (okay she doesn’t put it that strongly) in favor of alternative fees. As Linda puts it: “Many clients resist what they consider a ‘blank check’ billing method, especially in this economy;”
  6. Offer assistance to civic or charitable organizations in your community which may pay off down the road; and
  7. Visit your clients in their place of business (which just happens to be my No. 1 Top Marketing Tip) to show your support and build relationships.

Her other tips relating to broader practice management issues are definitely worth reading. Take a look.