It is always a good idea for lawyers to focus on raising their visibility to attract clients directly and via referrals. Amy Campbell’s Web Log recently suggested three steps to increase fame and fortune this year that should help in developing business. They include:

  1. Writing more. Whether that is with more articles, blogging, or just increasing meaningful content on your website, the important thing is to make it relevant and interesting to your clients and prospective clients. Also, Campbell suggests considering “video, audio, presentations, lists and more;”
  2. Socializing more online. Share your content utilizing social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook at least once a week. And don’t hesitate to share and comment on other content you encounter on social media; and
  3. More face-to-face meetings. This I particularly like, because there is a tendency among some lawyers to concentrate too much on electronic networking vs. the old fashion (and trusted) way IMHO. So, don’t forget to pick up the phone, invite a client or referral source to lunch or dinner, or just for coffee.

Not sure how much fame and fortune will result directly in 2012, but it certainly will raise your profile, and that should result in more business for you and your law firm sooner rather than later.