Joining organizations is one of my recommended top 10 marketing activities.   But joining is only the start. To be a successful rainmaker using this tactic (and all successful business developers do), it is necessary to be active in the organization and, better still, seek out leadership positions.

A brief article in this month’s Law Practice Today discusses this very point and more. According to Bob Weiss, a survey by the Legal Services and Sales Organization pointed out that rainmakers:

  • Average approximately $500,000 more in originations than the “less successful” group (not sure how they were defined);
  • While both groups belonged to organizations (bar related, community, trade groups, etc.), the “rainmakers were far more likely to take leadership roles;”
  • Were twice as likely to have a “propensity for public speaking” (over writing) vs. the others; and
  • Are “more likely to network and ask clients and referral sources for introductions to others.”

Not everyone is a natural rainmaker, and it isn’t necessary to exhibit all the traits mentioned in order to be successful. A less outgoing person can also succeed in developing business through active participation in organizations. It’s just a matter of degree.