Whether you actively seek out speaking engagements or are approached to give a speech to a group or trade association, try to maximize the opportunity and the impact of your talk. Barbara Walters Price over at BWPrice’s Marketing U has a great post on three simple rules not to forget when giving a speech. Her pointers will help you focus on getting the most out of your public speaking.
She suggests:
*Ask yourself, why me? – that is, try to understand why they asked or chose you as a speaker, what information they are expecting and why the topic is important to this group. This will help you better focus your presentation;
*Who is my audience? – This is related to the first. People are there for a reason. They have given up there valuable time in anticipation of gaining something from the speech. So, try to ascertain what their hot buttons are, what challenges they face, and how your talk with really help them. I like Barbara’s idea of calling some members of the organization in advance and asking them; and
*Check out the logistics – Get there early and check everything out, from the room layout, microphone, podium, etc. Better still bring your own projector if you will be using one. At one of my recent speeches, I didn’t, should’ve and regretted it.
Following these relatively straight-forward rules, you will make a better presentation, and your legal marketing efforts will more likely reap the benefits from such planning and preparation.