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Promote Yourself By Promoting Others

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Promoting yourself is not about you, it’s about the other person. I ran across an article on the ABA Journal online where Ari Kaplan is talking about the value in promoting/congratulating others and how that can pay dividends in promoting yourself. It reminds me of the phrase attributed to Zig Ziglar; to wit:

“You will get everything in life that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want."

Or as Thom Singer put it, a simple way to get noticed is to “help other people… It’s so simple its nutty.”

Add to those tidbits, the comment by Charles H. Green to Kaplan’s article:

“…the best advertising is what others say about you; and the best way to get others to say good things about you is to do good things for them."

Together, that pretty much sums up how to best way promote yourself – promote others.

  • I agree 100%. Self promotion will get you nowhere in the online world and you won’t learn much either.

  • Good thoughts Tom. Yes, Social Media is mostly about the other people with whom we have contact. It is called Social for a reason. We are called upon to interact with others. People have to earn the right to promote themselves by caring more about others. It’s called building Social Equity, or Social Capital.

  • Hey Tom,
    With all the changes to local search on Google getting others to say good things about your law firm is now doubly imperative! So every firm get a computer in reception and ask every client to do a nice review for the good things you’ve done for them!

  • This is a truism offline as well. One way I have found that generates good references and referrals is to collect a stack of business cards from each of my clients and post them on a tack board in my office. When a client asks if U know a good realtor or plumber or whatever, I say check out so-and-so on my board. He’s a good guy. When he gets a call and they tell him his name came from me, that guy keeps me in mind next time someone asks him about a lawyer. (He also sends me another stack of cards.) I still get referrals from clients that I helped 10 years ago that way and they get referrals from me. It’s just good business.